Partnership Categories

ISCR Conference 2024 - 01-03 February 2024, Hyderabad - Partnership Details

  • Track Partner - Sponsor name and logo will be shown on screen before and after each session of sponsored track.
  • Sponsor can take complementary registrations instead of booth. Platinum: 5, Gold: 3, Silver: 2
  • Sponsor breakout session - There will be a room with AV set-up for Sponsored Break-out sessions (Early Bird gets the first day)
  • Booth will be provided along with below:

    Each stall includes the following:

    • Exhibition space (Stall size -3MX3M - Platinum, 3M X 2M - Gold, 2MX2M Silver)
    • Shell scheme frame
    • Lighting
    • Electrical socket + electricity
    • 1 table, 2 chairs
    • Stall height (8ft)

* Platinum, Gold & Silver Sponsors will have a chance to run a video (approx. 30sec-1 min) in the breaktime slots (Platinum -3 times a day, Gold 2 times a day, Silver -Once a day)

Start up Category: Startup should be incorporated as a private limited company or registered as a partnership firm or a limited liability partnership. Turnover should be less than INR 100 Crores in any of the previous financial years. An entity shall be considered as a startup up to 10 years from the date of its incorporation. The Startup should be working towards innovation/ improvement of existing products, services and processes and should have the potential to generate employment/ create wealth. An entity formed by splitting up or reconsutrctuon of an existing business shall not be considered a "Startup". Mandatory to provide DIPP Registration Certificate.

Limited Stalls for each Partner category.